The Snowball Conference 2021 had a record number of participants - over 300 registered.

About the project

The snowball conference is held every year during the winter, and is a national conference on destination development.

The target group for the conference is tourism companies, destination companies, organizers, R&D environments and public actors.

Snowball is a development project run by Visit Lillehammer. The project is owned by several actors, most of the tourism and experience actors, but also the knowledge environments HiL, Østlandsforskning and Lillehammer Kunnskapspark are owners.

In addition, the public sector is strongly represented both in the Steering Group and through funding (the Regional Councils in the Lillehammer region, Midt-Gudbrandsdal, Innovation Norway and Oppland County Municipality).

Gyro Conference ensured that Snowballkonferansen was successfully implemented digitally with our online platform - OnAIR.

Heidi Myrseth

Project Manager
(+47) 920 10 998