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Digital Conference

In the beginning of 2020, the world was turned upside down and home office became a fact for most people.
Digital meetings became the new everyday life and for many this will be the way to meet in the future as well.

This requires new technological solutions. Gyro Conference has extensive experience in hosting traditional conferences and congresses. Now we also have a digital solution – OnAIR.

What is OnAIR?

OnAIR is the new platform for digital and hybrid events in all sizes and complexities — based on the well-known EventsAIR platform.

Our digital solution can include both plenary sessions and parallel sessions, 1 to 1 meetings, poster presentations, digital exhibitions and much more.

OnAIR works anywhere, anytime. One of the market's most flexible solutions for your future event.

Built on EventsAIR's comprehensive platform using the latest in web technology

Easy login - a seamless and secure user experience from first contact to OnAIR

Optimized for complete digital or hybrid events with a feature-rich toolkit

Want to know more?

See this short presentation video from EventsAIR.

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