The budget is prepared in collaboration with our client. The client sets the premises for the preparation. We have expertise in quality assuring that all elements are included and that we have good and proven models for calculating the price per participant.

It is important to set realistic levels on both the cost side and the revenue side. Many events seek to raise funds from external sources of funding in the form of exhibitions, sponsorships and government agencies. We help define possible sources of funding and plan strategy and progress plan for the sales work. We fulfill the role of “finance manager” for the event and by doing this we closely monitor both the revenue side and the cost side.

Our role as finance manager for the event includes setting up a final project account. The project accounts are delivered complete so that they can be presented to their accountant and auditor. Gyro Conference handles all functions related to accounting from the collection of participation fees to the payment of approved invoices, as well as the reporting of public fees, taxes and value added tax on behalf of you as the client.