Each year, Avfall Norge gathers around 1,000 people for a three-day conference focusing on inspiring, sharing important knowledge and maintaining and building networks. The “Sirkulær fremtid” conference was created in collaboration between Gyro, Avfall Norge and the Gyro Conference, which was responsible for the participants and 83 exhibitors.

Anita Hessen
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In 2017, Avfall Norge gathered designers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers and others from the business community together with the industry and key suppliers, 83 exhibitors, with a focus on creating a “Sirkulær fremtid”.

Place: Kristiansand, Sørlandshallen, Norway
Date: 13.- 15. juni
Participants: 1000

Gyro Conference was responsible for all participants, from the first broadcast of the first teaser until the “thank you for now” SMS was sent when the conference was complete. The Gyro Conference made sure that invitations, news updates and practical information for all registered participants were communicated in the best possible way.

A form for online registration for the conference, parallel sessions, meals and hotel bookings was established.
Furthermore, Gyro Conference provided follow-up of hotel agreements and cancellation deadlines, with name lists, change lists for the hotels and follow-up of no shows.

We also provided our own conference app with the possibility of chat between participants, exhibitor maps, program and more.